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Baby Bunnies

Baby Bunny RoomThe Baby Bunny Room is for infants ages six weeks and up.  Our ratio is one teacher to four children with a maximum of eight.  This provides for plenty of nurturing and interaction throughout the day.  Our teachers follow each child’s unique, individual schedule in this classroom.  The design of a typical day is flexible to allow us to meet the needs of all the children in this age group.  Children are moved frequently to explore and play with items in the room which incorporate fine and gross motor development, in addition to hand-eye coordination.   We also work with your child to reach developmental milestones such as sitting up, crawling, and walking.  Parents are invited and encouraged to stop in anytime during the day to visit, feed, or cuddle with their child.


The Ladybug RoomOur toddlers keep busy in The Ladybug Room.  The ratio in this room is also one teacher to four children with a maximum of eight.  The ladybugs spend their days playing with many different types of sensory items, developing fine and gross motor skills, reading stories, and exploring their newly learned abilities.  We happily assist each child at meal and snack time although they are encouraged to practice self-feeding skills.  Our outdoor time is planned daily and may consist of a buggy ride, walk, swings, or just having fun in our fenced playground.  Parents are invited to come in and visit anytime.


The Turtle RoomThe Turtle Room is where our two and three-year-olds spend their days working on basic skills and gaining independence.  They are encouraged to try new things and are taught to share with their friends.  A typical day will consist of circle time, stories, art, music, free play, and outside time.  We work on developing age appropriate social and play skills as well as using and expanding language and cognitive concepts such as counting, color and shape recognition and identification, reciting the alphabet, finger plays, and singing.  Fine motor, large motor, and self-care activities including toilet training are a big part of the day.


The Bumblebee RoomThe Bumblebee Room is where our three and four year old children spend their day.  An abundance of learning takes place in this very busy room.  Lessons are planned around themes, which incorporate teaching letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.  Children also learn to write their first name.  They spend a great deal of time on art projects and music, which are favorite activities for this age group.  Math skills are also practiced with lots of counting and sorting.  Dress up and dramatic play are a very important part of our day, for it helps develop social skills.  Everyone enjoys daily outside time as well.


The Giraffe Room The Giraffe Room is where our four and five year old children enjoy learning new concepts.  Our very busy weeks revolve around themes.  We incorporate letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.  In this classroom, children master writing all the letters in the alphabet as well as their name.  They will also learn individual information such as their address and phone number.  Problem solving and basic self-help skills such as shoe tying are learned.  Dramatic play, art, music and dancing, and outdoor time are all part of our daily curriculum.  All of the lessons and activities planned in the Giraffe Room will help prepare children for kindergarten.